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What Does Poison Oak Look Like I went fishing and was all up in brush I’m so miserable we can’t even work since they sweat and start to itch.

We showered and afterwards okcotonball and saved my blisters with peroxcide.

I believe it started drying them blisters out until sun I went thence itch once again. Far I’m safe. Seems to be better so far. Every three hr. Now let me tell you something. Trying tea tree oil today. Know what guys, I washed with cider and white vinegar and a ICE COLD Shower. I feel this gonna be p remedy by far. By the way I smell quite poor but I feel cool and look forward to improvement. Nevertheless, My biggest fear was it preparing to lady area… tee hee. Nonetheless, they broke into poison oak searching for my in the woods about five weeks ago. Tried a few OTC meds but this feels like trick they needed! It ok three months for the full breakout. Big blisters on my back left leg and stomach area. On p of that, Intense itching…get up, wash, reapply calamine. Sleep is the terrible.

What Does Poison Oak Look Like To be honest I am simply getting over my rash of poison oak.

Mind you -my rash didn’t show up until a nearly week later.

Please beware and be careful. I’m pretty sure I was ld by locals in this part of NC to use a shoe polish -it works like calamine lotion in drying up blisters and alleviating itch. Ultimately, we continued in ER due to an extreme allergic reaction -anaphalactic shock -my throat started to close up. Considering above said. To be honest I heard this advice after o bad was over. Remember, warm water works….but it does not shut down the nerve endings as stated. This works for a few hours until histamine replenishs itself. You should make it into account. The rather hot water causes histamine to be released. If you got plant xin in our eyes, mouth, or naughty parts, you’re having trouble breathing, your poison oak rash was not going away, or our gut was always telling you PANIC, see your doctor.